Update on Light Field Standards

Abstract: Immersive media – especially derived from light field images —  contain an immense amount of data in order to represent the spatial, temporal and vector information, and to facilitate the necessary freedom of viewpoint.  Previous raster-based solutions used in motion imaging formats are impractical for representing complex volumetric scenes.  Work is now underway to create an Immersive Technology Media Format specification, optimized for interchanging light field images. This specification is based on scene graphs and related nodes, each of which contain information related to the logical, spatial, or temporal representation of visual and audio information.  We’ll review the key parameters of this new specification, and provide an update on the collaborative process being established to document and demonstrate the format within early 2019.

Speaker:  Arianne Hinds, Principal Architect, CableLabs

Bio: Dr. Arianne Hinds is responsible for the overarching standards strategy on behalf of CableLabs and its members. She is also a video expert, and as such, serves as the primary video subject matter expert in CableLabs. She holds the position of INCITS L3.1 Chairman, for which she is the head of the U.S. delegation of experts for participation in the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). At the international level, she is the chair for an MPEG project team that is actively developing new specifications to support Virtual Reality services; she serves as the primary voice for the cable industry in MPEG and other video-related standards bodies.