Trends in Large Format Displays

Presentation/Panel Session

  • NEC Display Solutions Ben Hardy
  • Panasonic Jim Noecker
  • BUN Lyle Bunn
  • Userful Tim Griffin

Large Format Displays are finding increasing use as digital signage for a growing list of market segments, as well as in corporate, government, utilities, hospitality, education and other segments. Plasma panel are on the way out, but LEDs and now OLEDs are starting to challenge LCDs. Resolution, size, and complexity are all increasing as are the expectations of end users to create stunning or effective visual communication.

This session will explore the evolving needs of these markets, how suppliers are reacting and what the future holds in terms of display technology, distribution technology, cost of ownership, applications, content development and installations.

Demo Session

A special demo will be on display during the Display Summit to showcase two large format display solutions. These include:

  • A 2×2 LCD video wall composed of four 55” thin bezel LCDs provided by NEC
  • A 108” LED videowall composed of 1.25mm pitch modules provided by Panasonic

These displays will be shown in a side-by-side configuration with the same content. The objective is to allow Display Summit participants to compare the image quality parameters such as resolution, fill factor, color, motion response, contrast, viewing angle and more. The content will consist of a variety of test patterns, CG content, still photos and video and will be shown in several ambient room conditions.