To Mount or Not to Mount

In the ever-evolving world of NPP LED (Narrow Pixel Pitch) we’d like to offer some tried and true methods for designing these architecturally integrated visual structures using LED. There are no standards when it comes to LED cabinets/modules, and all LED Cabinets are not created equal, and therefore needs to be studied to ascertain which features are needed to design your Vis/Sim or Control Room project. Factors like reflection, moiré, building/environmental issues, and servicing the cabinets will be covered as well. Additionally, we’ll showcase some real-world applications and hope you’ll walk away from this presentation with an understanding of the challenges of mounting LED, and techniques you can use to ensure your clients get the best image quality on their video wall.

James Fife, Consultant Extention, rpVisuals

James started out in commercial AV as a sub-contractor working on two-piece projection systems mainly. He stayed in the commercial AV side, building up into larger and more complex systems, but then layered on television production video systems and post production systems.  About a decade later he moved over to consulting side of the business where he quickly became an SME for all things video/visual. During his time at Engineering Harmonics the firm was one that engaged new technologies and James was able to design right at the forefront of what was workable.  The first multi city fully HDCP compliant video system he designed went live in 2010. That system also leveraged engineered optical projection systems and commercial flat panels that were all design matched in brightness and color. All this before Crestron launched its first 32×32 DM matrix! At this point in his career, James has had the opportunity to work with nearly every display technology that exists. He has a passion for ensuring every project is absolutely the best it can be, and is driven to continue to learn, invent and challenge the limits of what is possible.