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What’s the Definition of an Immersive Display?

I have been talking to people a lot about immersive displays lately. That’s because the next Display Summit will have this as a focus theme. Most people think of Virtual Reality when you say immersive display, but I think the

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Display Summit China Announced

Insight Media will produce a new event called Display Summit China on May 9-11 in Yixing, China, near Shanghai. “Like our US-based Display Summit event, the China version will feature leading companies and experts discussing advanced display technology,” noted Insight

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How Will Virtual and Augmented Reality Impact Professional Markets?

Probably everyone reading this article has heard the buzz about augmented and virtual reality.  So you may now be wondering how real these technologies are and how will the impact a range of applications and markets – maybe even yours. 

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Wide Color Gamut Displays Bring Opportunity and Some Concerns

The UHD-TV specification calls for a new color gamut, the so-called 2020 gamut.  It expands the RGB primaries to the edge of the spectral locus to create the biggest color gamut yet.  Displays that can achieve this gamut, or close

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