Quantum Dots: The Technology Platform for Future Displays

Presenter: Russell Kempt, VP  Sales & Marketing, Nanosys, Inc.

Abstract: Quantum Dots are changing the way displays are made. Today, this unique nanomaterial is perfecting LCD displays, enabling a new generation of brighter, more efficient televisions with lifelike colors. This has given LCD technology an important edge as it battles new TV display entrants such as WOLED.

What’s next for this novel nanotechnology? This talk looks at how quantum dots are the future technology platform for displays including their evolving use in LCD displays, as well as how they enhance and are being used in OLEDs and micro-LED displays, and how they are being developed as emitter materials for future printable electroluminescent displays.

Bio: Russell Kempt oversees strategic partnerships and drives Nanosys’ top line. Russell also tells the story of our company and helps customers understand our value proposition in global markets. Russell is an experienced negotiator with impressive diplomacy skills, enabling him to build relationships on behalf of Nanosys worldwide including  in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Russell was most recently with Intermolecular where as VP of Global Sales he grew sales bookings significantly over 4 years, enabling a successful IPO for the company in 2011. Russell developed and managed sales and technical support teams in the US, Europe, Taiwan, China and Korea to execute highly complex sales processes with multiple customer touch points at key partners and customers. Prior to IMI, Russell was Strategic Accounts Sales Director for PDF Solutions where he led a team to successfully close multi-million dollar programs with semiconductor clients including Intel, Samsung, TSMC, Texas Instruments, IBM, Qualcomm and others.

Russell has a B.S. in Finance and Management from the University of Nebraska and an MBA from the University of Texas.