Quantum Dot Display Technology – A Bright Future Ahead

Presenter: Peter Palomaki. Consultant, Palomaki Consulting

Abstract: Quantum dots have seen tremendous commercial success recently due to the advent of displays utilizing QD color-converting technology to improve the viewer experience and increase efficiency. We are only exposing the tip of the iceberg, however, as there will be numerous advancements in the coming years in display applications for QDs. Polymer films containing QDs have become the dominate form factor in QD-enabled displays, but other technologies such as QD color filter replacements, QDs on LEDs, and electroluminescent QD devices are making tremendous progress. An overview of implementation strategies, technical hurdles, and material options for QDs in next-generation display technologies will be covered.

Bio: Peter Palomaki, Ph.D. is the owner of Palomaki Consulting, a firm offering technical research, writing, training, and consulting services to companies from start-ups to fortune 500s.  Specialties include quantum dots, nanomaterials, and surface chemistry.  Prior to founding Palomaki Consulting, Peter was a senior chemist at QD Vision.  Peter draws on his technical expertise and deep network in academia, industry, start-ups, and SBIR research to help clients overcome technical hurdles when developing new nanomaterial technologies that impact our lives.  He frequently writes and speaks about quantum dot technology in the display industry.