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Simplifying the Complexity of HDR/WCG in UHD Displays

Joe Kane Principal Joe Kane Productions   If for even a moment you think we’ve seen all of the proposals for delivering HDR/WCG content you don’t know the power of engineering and research in both the content production community and

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Data and Analysis on Actual TV Viewing Conditions

Kevin Miller Principal ISFTV   This presentation will report on data concerning the actual viewing condition in living room when watching TVs.  The data looks at the room illumination and viewing distance.  It finds the majority of viewers worldwide have

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Quantum Dots on LEDs and microLEDs

Peter Palomaki Consultant Palomaki Consulting   The implementation of quantum dots for color conversion directly on traditional LEDs and micro LEDs has numerous advantages in display and lighting applications including reduced cost and the prospect of being a drop in

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Kevin Miller – Moderator

Kevin Miller Principal ISFTV   Kevin Miller is the owner of ISFTV, a Product Development Consulting company to the industry’s leading television and video source manufacturers. Current consulting clients include Epson, Hisense, Samsung, Sears, TCL, and Murideo. Past clients include,

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Introducing the Samsung Cinema Screen

Chris Buchanan Director, Business Development, Content and Services Samsung Research America   An introduction to Samsung’s innovative new direct LED Cinema Screen. Presentation covers the design and specifications of the screen.

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Reference HDR Displays: The Complicated Truth

Wes Donahue Director Sales and Marketing, TVLogic USA and South America TVLogic   This session will take a closer look at the needs and requirements for HDR reference grading monitors. Back in the days of the CRT, reference displays meant

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Samsung QLED Gaming Displays

Christopher Roderick National Trainer Samsung Information Technology   This presentation includes a discussion of current and emergent technology trends in the gaming display market.  A comparison of current panel types, features and benefits of curved displays, free sync/g-sync, HDR, refresh rates,

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New Mastering and Delivery Options for HDR10+ and Other HDR Formats

Bill Feightner CTO ColorFront   The presentation will cover these topics: Introduction to the Colorfront Tool Set Scope of what Colorfront touches in the production chain On-Set Near-Set Look Dev Deliveries Mastering for HDR and SDR: Colorgrading: Single Master Approach

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Geoff Tully – Moderator

Geoff Tully Consultant Geoff Tully, Inc.    

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Joe Kane – Moderator

Joe Kane Video Director Joe Kane Productions   Mr. Kane specializes in the sciences of electronic imaging, accurately reproducing video signals on electronic display devices. These efforts have been the focus of his company, Joe Kane Productions, (JKP) since it’s

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