Monitoring Challenges Today

Presenter: Tyler Pruitt, Technical Evangelist, SpectraCal

Abstract: High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) introduce new challenges to industry professionals who need to be confident they are seeing the content accurately.  The common practice in the industry is to couple a (very expensive) small reference monitor with a larger “client” monitor.  Because these monitors are often based on different underlying display technologies emitting different spectral power distributions, getting these two monitors to match can be a struggle.  Display technologies that have narrow band primaries, also exacerbate metamerism issues.  Because HDR content creates a different impact when viewed larger, the client monitor, which formerly was of distinctly secondary importance, is taking a more prominent role in HDR monitoring.  This presentation presents particular challenges in SDR and HDR client monitoring.

Bio:  Tyler Pruitt works at SpectraCal, which is now part of Portrait Displays. His role at Portrait is as the Technical Evangelist for the company’s CalMAN display calibration software.  For his company’s HDR efforts, he was deeply involved in development of calibration methods and the CalMAN workflows for Dolby Vision,  HDR10, and HLG.  He was the author of the paper titled “Proposed Measured Display Characterization File for HDR Consumer Displays” , which was presented at the 2017 SMPTE Technical Conference in Hollywood.