Micro LEDs for TV applications: Technical Challenges

Presenter:  Kang, Jihoon, Principal engineer in Product R&D Lab., Samsung Electronics

Abstract:  Micro LED display is being considered as a promising display technology which can provide an ultimate visual experience owing to its unparalleled emission properties, power efficiency, and high luminance intensity. In spite of many research progresses in this field, micro LED display raises significant technical challenges especially for large sized TV applications. In this presentation, we are briefly introducing the current issues in the respective technology fields – LED device & transfer, driving substrate, and image processing.

Bio:  Principal engineer in Product R&D Lab., Visual Display Business of Samsung Electronics (2016 – ); Senior chemist in EM business of the Dow Chemical company (2010 – ); Senior engineer in Process Development Team, LCD business of Samsung Electronics (2008 – ); Ph.D. in Polymer Science, Department of Chemistry, Seoul National University (2007)