LED Displays Blind best DLP Cinema

Abstract:  DLP projection owns the Digital Cinema with over 160K systems installed.  However, the future is changing and LED Displays will provide to the entertainment viewers, the greatest image experience ever seen.  What changes?  Expect minimum of 4K resolution everywhere.  Peak luminance (Lv) will move from current 14ftL (48 nits) to 500 nits.  Contrast ratios will approach a true 1 million:1;  minimal gray levels at 0.001nits.  HDR becomes reality; not the current limited EDR.  Visual solutions for specular highlights become a reality.  Color palette can now increase beyond DCI-P3.  A revolution for Digital Cinema and e-entertainment is coming. In this presentation, we will present arguments to validate this view of the future and discuss the NanoLumen’s technical approach to achieving this goal.

Speaker: Gary Feather, CTO, Nanolumens

Bio: Gary Feather is a senior operations executive and an expert in display technology, imaging, lighting and energy systems.  His focus is in shortening innovation time to market.  He holds 14 US patents with co-inventors in video systems, display and LED systems.  Gary began his career at Texas Instruments in international radar and through defense systems, microelectronics packaging, Pentagon R&D and launching the DLP display for a revolution to Digital Cinema.  Moving to Sharp Laboratories, Gary focused on ATSC systems with HDTV LCD TV & IP connectivity.  As VP in Sharp Electronics he created the business in Health Systems and LED commercial industrial lighting. Today Gary currently spearheads production and new products development, innovation and operations as CTO of NanoLumens, a large area display visualization company. New focus in launching LED Display for Cinema.