Laser Phosphor Projection Systems – Ready for Primetime?

Peter Mathia  (Lang AG)

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Peter Mathia is the Product Manager for Projectors at Lang AG, one of the leading European companies for the rental and sale of visual presentation technology. He evaluates projectors that Lang is considering purchasing to add to its rental inventory. Peter Mathia is in direct contact to the projector manufactures and provides feedback of measurements he did on new products and suggests modifications to designs that would simplify their use in the field.


Laser Phosphor is the fastest growing market segment in solid state projection systems. This seminar will give an overview and in-depth analysis of Laser Phosphor illumination applied to 3 LCD, 1 DLP and 3 DLP designs. Based on detailed evaluation and measurements of actual products the seminar will show, which concepts are ready for primetime and where is significant room for the PJ manufacturers to improve.