Laser Illuminated Projection – On the Launch Pad

Bill Beck (BTM Consulting)

Bill Beck 139x100


Bill Beck is a photonics visionary with diverse start-up, general management and technology marketing experience.  He has been central to the development and application of laser illumination systems for Digital Cinema.  After 4 years of market and product planning, Bill founded Laser Light Engines in 2008, and co-founded LIPA, the Laser Illuminated Projection Association in 2011 to promote the adoption of laser illumination for Cinema and other performance projection applications.  Bill is currently a private consultant in fiber optics, lasers and sensors and is a laser projection domain expert. Bill holds a BA from Dartmouth and an MBA from RPI and is a member of SMPTE and NEFC.


During the last several years, a number of projector and laser engine makers have demonstrated prototype or first generation laser illuminated projectors (LIPs).  These demonstrations included integrated RGB, Off-board Illumination and Blue laser-pumped phosphor hybrids with output ranging from 1000 to 70,000 lumens.  This year will see the early commercialization of this new class of solid-state illumination, in applications ranging from Digital Cinema and Premium Large Venue; from Theme Park Attractions to Ultra-short Throw.  This talk will review the state of the art and market, what is available now and what still needs to be done, including cost reduction, increased efficiency and cost effective optical fiber delivery for retrofits and special installations. The talk will conclude with a review of key remaining challenges and second generation capabilities.