HDR10 / HDR10+ SoC for TVs

Dr. Erwin Bellers
Fellow Engineer
Sigma Designs

High Dynamic Range (HDR) has captured the attention of many. If implemented properly, it enriches the viewing experience to a new level we have not seen in many years. Although this is all great, it also has caused the creation of a variety of HDR ‘flavors’ in the industry, further confusing the end customer.

Sigma Designs, a system on chip supplier in the TV industry, has addressed the first issue by proving a mostly programmable solution capable of supporting HDR10, DolbyVision, HLG, and most recently SMPTE 2094 of which HDR10+ is a subset.

In the presentation we will touch upon the architecture,  supporting HDR formats and features of HDR 10+ and the timeline of supporting HDR10+ features with Sigma TV SoC