Filling the Canvas

Matt Barton, Director (7thSense Design Ltd.)

Matt Barton 155x193


Matt joined 7thSense Design in 2012 as Operations Manager and became a Director of the company in May 2014. He is responsible for operations and service delivery across UK, Asia-Pacific and North America.

Prior to joining 7thSense, Matt spent 12 years working on display systems in the flight simulation industry in project and product management roles. Previously Display Product Manager for Rockwell Collins Visual Display Systems, Matt was project team leader for the development of a world leading simulation projector (2015HC) and product manager for the display system used for the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft mission trainer (Griffin™ Rear-Projected Dome).

Matt has a MBA from the Open University, UK


Displays in the visitor attraction / themed attraction industry come in all shapes and sizes. We refer to the display space the “canvas”. Our job is to fill the canvass in the optimum way to support the story.

The story is key, many visitor attractions have failed when too much focus has been placed on the technology and not enough on the story (think Millennium Dome UK)

When used correctly however, technology can enhance the story and truly immerse the visitor in many ways here we are able to draw on lessons learnt from the simulation industry to blur the lines between virtual and reality.

Reviewing case studies of complicated canvases being used to tell stories in the entertainment industry we can demonstrate the technical challenges involved.

Expectations for the future are high, consumer products with seamless multi touch and beautiful displays are the norm so large screen attractions need to live up to expectations

Integrated approaches will be key, collaboration can create amazing experiences.