Display Components

The pieces and parts that make up displays are what creates the great – or not so great impression of the display.  There are obviously many components and technologies that go into a flat panel or projection solution.  In this session, we will focus on two technologies.

Wavien has presented many times at Display/Projection Summit and always has some new technology to showcase.  This year, Ken Li will talk about a new water-based phosphor solution for projection that has the potential to allow high lumen output because of the improved thermal management.  He will also talk briefly about their 4D and floating image solutions.

Screen technology is always appropriate to discuss as it is just as important as the projector in this display solution.  The Microlite screen, which will be describes in this session, breaks what has been considered a fundamental design trade-off in screen design.  That is, you can have a high gain screen but you sacrifice viewing angle. Microlite says you can have both and will describe the construction and demonstrate the screen in the demo/exhibition area so you can see for yourself.