Cinema technology developing the cinema’s offer in the face of external forces

Abstract:  The Pandora’s box of technology in cinemas is well and truly opened after a century of relative stability. The digitisation of cinema projection has widened out into other parts of the cinema experience, such as 3D, immersive sound, the foyer, and the IT backbone but has also led to innovation and the broadening of the Cinema experience for consumers. The introduction of immersive motion seating, 4D, VR and multi-screen formats has extended the experiential aspect of cinema, offering a more immersive way to see a movie. Technology is also making the sector’s workflow more complex and this may well be a barrier to further unfettered innovation. Technology is one aspect of the modern cinema, but it is being developed in the context of a changing sector, with exhibitor consolidation and streaming platforms at the forefront of the drivers impacting the sector’s economics.

Speaker: Dan Cryan, Executive Director – Research and Analysis, IHS Markit

Bio:  Mr. Dan Cryan is the executive director of Research and Analysis at IHS Markit and a thought leader in digital media coverage.  He oversees the strategic development of the company’s global output on the business and economics of broadband, the digital distribution of ebooks, movies, music, TV and user-generated content and the relationship between content and consumer technology. He has pioneered and managed the company’s market forecasting models in all of these areas since 2004, building it on a granular service-by-service basis through direct relationships with service providers and content owners that now underpins IHS Markit digital media coverage – the first of its kind anywhere in the world. He advises senior management at the world’s largest media and technology companies, including the Hollywood Studios, television networks, consumer electronics companies and telcos, as well as regulators and major investment firms, on the way that the internet and connected home are transforming the media and entertainment hardware businesses. He is also a regular speaker at international conferences and guest lecturer at the Media Business School. He authored books Introducing Logic (2002) and Introducing Capitalism (2009) which have been translated into several languages. He was graduated from University College London, UK, with bachelor and an MA in Philosophy.