Broadcast Driven 8K Development

Presenter: Yoko Kimura, Sales and Marketing Manager, Astrodesign’s U.S. operations

Abstract: Unbeknownst to many, 8K development has been in motion since 1995, mainly backed by Japan’s national broadcast network. Yoko will discuss how Astrodesign has contributed to this 20+ year history of 8K development, and what new technologies have emerged as a result, as well as which advancements are still needed for the wide spread of 8K.

Bio: Yoko Kimura is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Astrodesign’s U.S. operations. As Astrodesign pivots it’s focus to seeing the future viability of 8K broadcasting and technologies, Yoko is tasked with seeing the applicability of 8K technologies in the U.S. market. She has been involved in U.S. related 8K projects and test shoots since 2016 – namely sports tests with Major League Baseball during their 2016 World Series and the 2017 Superbowl test.