An Important new IDEA: Introducing the Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance

Immersive visual and audio content is expected to become prominent within the mainstream entertainment market over the next few years, and light field imaging will play an important role.  Representing volumetric environments and objects as light fields present a complex set of technical and practical challenges for the distribution of  content. To address these issues, a new industry alliance has been formed by light field technology experts, network operators and creative content producers. This new coalition, the  Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance, is committed to open source and royalty free interoperability standards, maintaining creative intent through high-quality image and sound, and leveraging proven and established tools and workflow from the computer graphics discipline.

Pete Ludé, Chairman of the Board, Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance

Pete Ludé is prominent engineering leader in advanced imaging and sound.  He currently serves at CTO of Mission Rock Digital, a San Francisco-based engineering firm specializing in next-generation media.  Current work includes display technology for next-generation cinema, immersive sound, and interchange pipelines for VR, AR and plenoptic (light field) imaging systems.

Ludé has previously been involved in pioneering broadcast facilities, laser-illuminated projectors and datacasting endeavors.  He has served as Chief Innovation Officer at RealD, and before that was Senior Vice President of Sony’s Silicon Valley R&D labs.  Ludé is past-president of SMPTE – the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers — and a SMPTE fellow.  Pete was founding Chairman of the Laser Illuminated Projector Association, currently serves as co-chair of the ASC Plenoptic Imaging committee and is a frequent speaker on the future of cinema, volumetric imaging systems and advanced display technology.