8K with Quantum dots is the NEXT BIG thing

Presenter: Abhijeet Solat, Sr. Engineer, Samsung Display Company

Abstract: 8K is soon to become the resolution that takes you close to reality from your own living room. As the fashion industry changes, we all adapt to those changes and then hesitate to go back even a few years let alone a decade. Similarly, FHD was never bad, but once you are exposed to the quality of 4K it is hard to see FHD as a comparable technology. Fast forwarding to 2018 and the topic of my discussion today, 8K with Quantum dots is the NEXT BIG thing.

Yesterday’s premium is today’s mainstream. That’s what the market has seen 4K like. The projections by IHS regarding the adoption of 4K were exceeded in manifolds by the market. SDC is expecting 8K to follow the trend of exceeding the expectations and bringing as many as 7M cells to the market by 2020.

The content and hardware needed to bring 8K to the viewers has been in the market for a while, 2019 seems to be the time when people will have the real picture in the living rooms. Samsung Display has put a lot of efforts in making the technology ready for a great experience, our product line-up that shall be released end of this year shall give the taste of Samsung’s 8K with Quantum dots to the market for the first time.