8K : One Giant LEAP for displays

With the dawn of 5G Era, the electronics industry shall witness a tremendous growth in the use of multimedia devices, where display shall lie at the heart of human-machine interactions. Our interactions are moving from recorded content to live streaming, to cross-compatible platforms, to time critical tasks and so on. Today’s talk will highlight the ways in which Samsung is innovating the 8K Displays to deliver the best user experience that 5G shall enable.


Sonia Chen, Director (Display Marketing), Samsung

Sonia leads the marketing and new business initiatives for Samsung’s display products from the Device Solutions America office, located in San Jose. She has an extensive background in the market dynamics of the Display Industry, given her 13 years’ experience. Analyzing how the accelerated adoption of one technology influences the affiliated industries, factors that impact user decisions, strategies for entering a new market, etc. are amongst the few key contributions she makes towards Samsung’s Display business in America.