2018 QLED and Advanced Display Summit at Hollywood

June 27-28, 2018, The London Hotel, West Hollywood, California

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The 2018 QLED and Advanced Display Summit is organized by Insight Media with support from the Visual Display Division of Samsung Electronics Corporation.

This event is a unique opportunity to hear from both Samsung and industry experts on a range of exciting up-and-coming display technologies, products and markets.  Samsung presenters will be complemented by other industry partners and experts and there will be a number of demos to showcase technology.  This year’s event with focus on:

  • Quantum Dots

  • 8K

  • Display and Mastering Tools

  • HDR Cinema

  • microLEDs

The goal is to share technical, product, market, standardization and measurement information on issues related to the adoption of TV and cinema display products.

This event is focused on the Hollywood technical community and offers a venue to learn more about Samsung’s plans, to see some of the latest technology demos and to hear from industry leaders on the current state and future plans for TV and cinema technology and products

Speakers and attendees from these types of companies are expected

  • Studios, content creators and post production houses
  • Makers of equipment for content creation, processing, mastering and distribution
  • Leading cinema exhibitors
  • TV brands
  • Professional theater, commercial and home system integrators
  • Calibrators and reviewers
  • Trade media
  • Standards bodies and trade association representatives
  • Key influencers
  • Standards and professional associations
  • Quantum dot technologists and development companies
  • microLED developers
  • Market research firms
  • Samsung technology and product experts

Who should attend:

  • CTOs
  • CEOs and top executives
  • Technical sales
  • Content production experts
  • Product development
  • Scientists
  • Engineering heads
  • Metrologists
  • Technologists
  • Product planning and marketing
  • Reviewers or calibrators
  • Media