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To Mount or Not to Mount

In the ever-evolving world of NPP LED (Narrow Pixel Pitch) we’d like to offer some tried and true methods for designing these architecturally integrated visual structures using LED. There are no standards when it comes to LED cabinets/modules, and all

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An Overview of the FoVI3D Light Field Display Approach

Human binocular vision and acuity, and the accompanying 3D retinal processing of the human eye and brain are specifically designed to promote situational awareness and understanding in the natural 3D world.  The ability to resolve depth within a scene whether

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COTS Wearable AR HUD’s for Mobile Training Applications

AR and VR platform launches are providing further impetus and investment towards true “All Day Wearable” devices. New holographic and diffractive “waveguide optic” displays are emerging as the enabling component, where additional features like eye-tracking, provides unique user interaction modalities,

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8K Projectors: Pushing for Eye Limiting Display Systems and the Issues Involved in Creating Them

High pixel count simulators are nothing new, but hold many problems.  Typically, the fewer the number of projectors the better, so higher and higher resolutions projectors have evolved. This presentation will address e-shifted 8K and native 8K projectors and issues

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Display Summit Agenda Nearly Complete

Display Summit will take place Oct. 4-5 in Sterling Virginia at the Rockwell Collins facility.  The focus this year is on immersive displays – projection or LED-based solutions or personal, body-worn types.  The agenda is now nearly complete and can

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Performance of LED Displays – Where are we Headed

This presentation will cover: LED manufacturing evolution: SMD to CoB to MicroLED The importance of black level and control of dark tones for using LED screens for entertainment, simulation and visualization and how display drivers allow this performance Current state

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Promises and Challenges of MicroLED Displays

With the increasing success of OLED, and mounting investment and interest in QLED, emissive display technologies have already proven their worth and enabled consumer products with stunning display performance. But µLED technologies have the potential to move the industry multiple

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Art of Screens

Selecting the right screen for your application can be tricky. Whether it be for Command/Control Room environments, or Visualization/Simulation applications this presentation can help you determine what type of screen to use, determining how bright your projector needs to be,

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Optical Blending for Maximising Dynamic Range of Projection Displays

Quality projection displays for visual simulation have evolved to use mainstream commercial projection devices, which, together with automatic alignment solutions, have dramatically reduced time required for their installation, alignment and maintenance.  However, one bugbear has remained in the form of

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Beyond Virtual Reality: Light Field, Holographic Display and the Roadmap to the Holodeck

This presentation will detail the very latest developments in light field and holographic display technologies including insights into the creative and technical implications for content creation, as well analyze the data requirements and solutions for streaming holographic media, and provide a

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