World, Meet Holograms

Looking Glass Factory has been making and shipping lightfield displays into the world since 2017.  Since then, Looking Glass has gone through a continuous process of invention, software development, developer relations and content distribution to become the most widely distributed lightfield display and lightfield content ecosystem in the world.  Looking Glass co-founder Alex Hornstein will share the boots-on-the-ground story of the company’s development leading up to the launch of the Looking Glass display, and Looking Glass’ path as it ushers its lightfield displays into a rich ecosystem of content creators, early adopters, researchers, and professional users.

Alex Hornstein, Co-Founder, Looking Glass Factory

Alex Hornstein loves invention and storytelling.  For decades, Alex has been fascinated by the science-fiction dream of the hologram, and and in 2014, he co-founded Looking Glass Factory to chase that dream.  A non-stop builder and prototyper, Alex is the Chief Technology Officer of Looking Glass and runs the company’s R&D lab.  These days, he’s working on ways to easily capture and display lightfield photos and videos of the real world.  In the rare moments when Alex is is one place, you can find him in Providence, Rhode Island