Wide Color Gamut Displays

Session Description:

The UHD TV specification calls for a new wider color gamut called 2020.  This will enable to capture, processing and display of colors beyond what is possible with today’s HD TV standard, Rec. 709.  Cameras to capture this wide color space exist and displays are coming to enable the mastering and processing of 2020 content as well as end user display on TVs, monitors and other devices.  But many challenges remain.

Candidate display technologies to achieve a 2020 color gamut include RGB laser projectors, laser phosphor projectors, quantum dot LCDs and OLEDs, with each now achieving various levels of the 2020 color gamut.  But the current specification calls for RGB primaries that are on the spectral locus with no tolerance.  That means to meet the letter of the specification requires laser sources, which will have high speckle and produce an unacceptable image, so some modification of the spec seems necessary.

Currently there is also debate about what color encoding scheme should be used, how this will be passed through the content mastering pipeline and the distribution pipeline to the end user.

Who is leading the standardization efforts across the ecosystem for 2020 color?  How should current and legacy displays handle content mastered to 2020?  What are the challenges with mastering and distribution 2020 content?  How will this roll out?  What is the impact for professional vertical markets?


While everyone preaches that more colors are better, can you really see the difference between content captured, mastered and displayed in a 2020 vs. Rec. 709 color standard?  The demo seeks to evaluate this question with several displays showing the differences.  In addition, it will showcase the current state of the art in terms of different display technologies to achieve the 2020 color gamut.

To facilitate this demo, content captured in 2020 and mastered in 2020 and 709 will be shown on several displays to help illustrate what colors are different in the two color spaces.  It can also indicate how various displays will process incoming colors that the display cannot produce.  Will the colors be remapped or simply desaturated?

·         Sony will show content on a laser phosphor projector

·         Digital Projection will show content on an LED projector

·         QD Vision will show content on a quantum dot based TV

·         Eizo will have a reference monitor to identify colors that are beyond the 709 gamut