Volumetric Displays for Sand Table and HMD Applications: An Update from LightSpace Technologies

Abstract:  For the last 4 years LightsSpace Technologies has been developing solid state time multiplex multiplane volumetric 3D image displays. Additionally to existing x-series front view display line, the company has announced two new product types: s-series (AR Sandbox) bench top display aimed at professionals in fields requiring visualization of scientific and medical 3D data sets, security related, tactical, traffic information in civil and military environments and volumetric 3D image head mount near eye display ensuring that objects in displayed 3D scenery are perceived by natural depth cues at real depth distances. Volumetric display product development and optical design challenges will be presented and discussed.

Speaker: Ilmara Osmanis, CEO, LightSpace Technologies

Bio: Ilmars as entrepreneur and CEO has restarted LightSpace Technologies that during last few years become leader in developing of volumetric 3D image displays. In past he has successfully started HansaMatrix company and developed it into Nasdaq Baltic main list listed highly profitable electronics manufacturing high tech company with turnover above 25M$. He has a number of scientific publications and patent application in the field of electromagnetic field analysis and recently – diffuser LCD applications in 3D volumetric display design. Education: Master’s level degree in Radio and Electronics engineering from Riga Technical University; Executive MBA course from Riga Business School.