Trends in the Digital Cinema Market

Trends in the Digital Cinema Market

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The cinema has represented the highest quality movie experience for a long time, but can it maintain this dominance going forward?  A lot of initiatives are currently underway to improve the image, the sound and the overall experience at the cinemaplex.  In this session, experts from Barco, Christie Digital and NEC will convene again in a rematch of their popular debate at last year’s Display Summit.  Participating will be:

  • Barco, Bill Beck, The Laser Guy
  • Christie Digital, Don Shaw, senior director, Product Management, Christie Entertainment Solutions
  • NEC, Rich McPherson, Senior Product Manager

Questions the panel will seek to address will include:

  • What segments of the cinema market are Barco, Christie and NEC focused on?
    • Are you looking to integrate in-lobby signage?
    • Foster alternative content creation?
    • Create new user experiences, like audience engagement or additional screens?
    • How about adding motion platforms?
    • Are advertisers becoming more interested and integrated into the theatrical experience?
  • High Dynamic Range
    • How will high dynamic range be implemented in cinemas?
    • Will high contrast be differentiated from high dynamic range?
    • What needs to happen in the content production food chain for HDR?
    • Will exhibitors find the cost is worth the value?
  • Wide Color Gamut
    • How do all-laser or laser phosphor systems enable color gamuts beyond P3?
    • Can 2020 be achieved without metameric failure?
  • High Frame Rates
    • What is the mood of Hollywood and exhibitors to high frame rates?
    • Is variable frame rate a more viable approach?
  • Resolution
    • Will 4K become the commonplace?  If so, when?
    • Will there ever be 8K cinemas?
  • 3D Sound
    • How goes the roll out of the various solutions?
    • What is the status of standardization on this issue?
  • Stereoscopic 3D
    • How is this viewed in different parts of the world by audiences, exhibitors and content creators?
    • How do the new projection technologies improve stereo contrast ratios and illumination levels?
  • Alternatives
    • What more can you do to keep consumers coming to the theater?
    • Are there any alternatives to projection technology that you see becoming viable within the next 5 years?