The Future of Video

Abstract: For most of the history of television we’ve had a number of well-defined characteristics for a display device.  Yes there were changes when we went from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD), but all display devices were expected to have particular capabilities.  In both SD and HD the specifications were essentially based on the performance capability of a CRT.  Along came other display technologies with capabilities far beyond what a CRT could do followed by system innovations; high dynamic range (HDR) in particular.  This brought about more innovations in display technology followed by more options in how we deliver signals.  For anyone looking at the rate these innovations appear it should be clear the days of limited specifications in what a display will do are gone.  We have to rethink how we deliver signals so that any innovations in dynamic range or color capability can be accommodated.  The most important and stabilizing innovation to come to our industry will be the concept of a single program master that can drive any display … as long as that display can be defined.  This concept leaves both display device manufacturers and program providers room to innovate without fear of whatever they do not having content to show off their innovations.

This presentation will describe the single master concept as well as progress toward understanding and implementation over the last year.

Speaker: Joe Kane, Principal, Joe Kane Productions

Bio: Mr. Kane specializes in the sciences of electronic imaging, accurately reproducing video signals on electronic display devices. These efforts have been the focus of his company, Joe Kane Productions, (JKP) since it’s founding in 1982.  He has produced multiple ground-breaking programs on the subject, creating references for both the program production and consumer worlds.  His company’s current efforts are focused on defining the ultimate UHD system, one that would include and benefit the majority of consumers interested in viewing program content.

At his company, JKP, the focus is “It’s All About the Art”.  Our goal is to better define the canvas on which artists create content and expanding the capability of the canvas to bring better picture quality to the viewer.  You can find us at