The Art of Lens Design for Curved Screens

As most books and articles about lens design say: “Lens design is not only a technical skill, but is partially also an art, an art of its own”. Lenses for simulation and training purposes have often very special and difficult requirements. A specialty of our company has been lenses which project on curved surfaces instead of flat ones, something which is rather unusual. The main idea of this talk will be to give an insight into what it means to design a lens (with the emphasis on simulation lenses) and why it is partially an art.

Bernhard Lutzer, In-Vision

Bernhard Lutzer has pursued a bachelor and master’s degree in physics at the Technical University of Vienna and at the ETH Zurich. He worked at various institutes, for example he joined a research group at the world’s largest particle accelerator at CERN in Geneva. In 2016, he received a PhD in semiconductor physics from the Technical University of Vienna. After graduating from University, he started to work at In-Vision as Optical Systems Specialist. His main work subjects are the conception and design of high-end optical systems in close collaboration with specialists in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software engineering. Besides, he is responsible for innovation and research projects at In-Vision, where he always seeks new applications and technologies in the fields of optics.