Some considerations in quantifying display color volume

Jack Holm
Color scientist and President
Tarkus Imaging


In addition to the challenge of measuring the radiometric capabilities of modern displays is the challenge of quantifying the colors displays can produce in perceptually meaningful ways. This paper will review existing uniform color spaces such as CIELAB and discuss issues with using them for HDR and WCG. Other options such as using the PQ ICtCp encoding will also be examined. Specifics include the perceptual importance of: very dark blacks and very bright whites, saturated colors brighter than diffuse white, saturated vs. very saturated colors, the variability of diffuse white in HDR content, the dependence of mid-gray adaptation on viewing conditions, and the dependence of perceptual color volume on mid-gray adaptation. These topics will be related to WCG and HDR content creation, and the importance of maintaining mastered colorimetry. The paper ends with a summary of considerations, and suggestions for useful ways to quantify display color volumes.