Solid State Light Source Projector Advantage in Multi-Channel Environments

Phil Laney (Digital Projection)

Phil Laney 195x155


As Director of Simulation & Visualization since 2010 for Digital Projection, Phil has top level responsibility for marketing, sales, and product line management for the simulation market for Digital Projection’s line of 1-DLP LED, 3-DLP LED, 1-DLP LED+IR, 3-DLP LED+IR, and Laser Hybrid projector products. Phil’s background includes over 16-years experience with multi-channel projection displays in a variety of markets, including simulation, visualization, edutainment, and more.


The advances in recent solid state light sources can offer stability and an enhance ones image in multi-channel projector displays versus using traditional lamp based projector systems.

Discussion points will focus on how long term brightness stability is achieved and how an enriched color gamut can improve the perception of the display system.