Show Me the Money

Daniel Parisien, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy (BroadSign International, LLC)

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Daniel Parisien, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, is a co-founder of BroadSign and steward of the BroadSign brand. He has over thirteen years of experience in cloud-based product management, technical sales and marketing, and has guided the evolution of BroadSign’s digital signage software product into one of the industry’s leading offerings.

Passionate and innovative, Daniel specializes in software design, the measurement, forecasting and modeling of customer demand, as well as product marketing and positioning. He was previously the CEO and owner of eEvolved, a SaaS provider of local e-commerce and geo-targeted solutions.


Digital signage is a perfectly suited medium to the professional AV market – so why have many ProAV businesses experienced difficulty collecting revenue from digital signage initiatives?

Trends making digital place-based and digital out-of-home campaigns more attractive to advertisers are bringing greater revenue to the industry, and should also be putting more money into the pockets of AV professionals. Yet AV professionals are one step removed from advertising dollars and will need to focus on the high-growth potential of ad-based networks as a vertical market to benefit from these new elements of digital signage.

“Show Me the Money” discusses three game changers: the Android-induced decline in market prices, the adoption of digital signage by static signmakers and programmatic media buying, and advises how ProAV businesses should react in order to increase demand of their services and overall profit.