Recent Developments of LightSpace Multi-layer (volumetric) 3D Display Technology

LightSpace Technologies are developing multi-layer (volumetric) 3D image display concept for a number of potential applications.
The original LightSpace DepthCube 3D display with RGB-D image capabilities has been completely re-developed into a new X-series of multi-layer screen displays with full volume of addressable voxels. The newly developed systems include single SLM (using Texas Instruments DLP’s) modulator based high speed RGB image projection engine, streaming frame buffer with DisplayPort connection interface and user software package. A new improved liquid crystal mixture has been developed for producing high performance electrically switchable diffusers used in multi-layer image screens.
The X-series display units currently include x1406 (Standard resolution) and x1500 (High resolution) models that are planned to be launched this year. Additionally there are other configuration multi-layer image engines in development for potential uses in entertainment applications and as heads-up system.
LightSpace team is also developing 3D image visualization software that includes View4X – a real-time image viewer with interactive rendering pipeline (including linear and nonlinear transformations, such as translation, rotation, scaling, color mapping, anti-aliasing) and LightSpace visualization toolbox for Mathworks MATLAB, that currently allows surface and vector field 3D visualization on the X series displays.

Ilmars Osmanis

Experienced hi-tech entrepreneur currently based in Riga, LATVIA (EU) with educational background in electronics and later added studies in MBA. His achievements are development of start-up company HansaMatrix with listing of it on Nasdaq Baltic main list in 2016. He is author and co-author of several scientific articles and patents. He is currently developing LightSpace Technologies into a global focus business and leader in 3d display technology