Recent Developments in Laser Activated Remote Phosphor Projection Light Engines

Dr. Jürgen Müller, Senior Development Manager Projection Light Engines (OSRAM GmbH)

Juergen Mueller 123x151


Juergen Mueller is R&D manager for Laser-based Projection Light Engines at Osram GmbH, Germany. Since 2011, the team develops light sources based on laser-activated remote phosphor. Before his work on laser light sources, he gained several years experience with projector light sources in the development of ultra high-pressure mercury lamps at Osram. Juergen received a PhD in physics in the field of laser-spectroscopy on organic semiconductors.


OSRAM is a leading global manufacturer of Projection Display Illumination sources including the award winning Cinema XBO lamp, our P-VIP High Pressure Mercury lamp systems for Business Projectors, as well as SSL (Solid State Lighting) based LED and LASER modules for Pico and Pocket Projectors. OSRAM successfully introduced its PHASER P1 light engines for business projectors in 2013. PHASER technology is based on semiconductor lasers and laser-activated remote phosphor. We report about recent breakthrough developments in various aspects of this technology, incl. the high power laser source, phosphor conversion, and compact optical design. Further key aspects of the PHASER engine design are reliability and simplified integration into existing projector platforms. Our recent progress will be implemented in a PHASER GEN2 product line, targeting business projector applications as well as other projector segments to drive and expand the Solid State Lighting based Projection Display Market.