Quantum Dots for Full Gamut Liquid Crystal Displays

Matt Mazzuchi, Vice President, Market and Business Development (QD Vision)

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Matt Mazzuchi is the Vice President of Market and Business Development for QD Vision, where he is leading the commercialization effort for Color IQ™ optics in lighting and display systems.

Mr. Mazzuchi has extensive commercial experience in Asia, including more than 25 years in sales, marketing and product management activities spanning a broad range of optics, thin film coatings and display products and systems. Before joining QD Vision, he was employed by Luminus Devices, Luxim Corporation, The OCLI Products Group of JDSU, and the BOC Group.

Mr. Mazzuchi has a B.A. in Marketing from Michigan State University and an MBA from Saint Mary’s in California.


Quantum dots are an emerging new product category for LCDs of all sizes and varieties.  In 2013, they enabled the widest color gamut TVs available on the market in Sony’s Triluminos line of 40”-65” HD and UHD models.  In this talk, we will briefly introduce the basics of quantum dot materials, and how their unique properties enable wide color gamut displays for the professional market with the highest level of efficiency achievable.  We will also discuss implementation strategies, product roadmap for 2014 and beyond, migration from rec 709 to rec 2020 gamut, and the proliferation of quantum dots in TVs, monitors, and all-in-one-computers.