QLED & HDR10+ Summit at Hollywood 2017 – Speaking

Giving a presentation or participating in a panel discussion at 2017 QLED & HDR10 Summit is a great way to expose a sophisticated audience to your technology or products – and a great way to show your leadership in the category as well.

Samsung presenters are expected to cover the following topics:

  • Quantum dot technology and manufacturing
  • HDR10+ efforts in UltraHD Blu-ray mastering and playback
  • HDR10+ efforts in ATSC 3.0
  • HDR10+ efforts for movie and episodic production
  • HDR10+ efforts in broadcast
  • QLED/HDR updates for monitors (consumer and professional)
  • QLED/HDR updates for TVs
  • QLED/HDR update for ProAV
  • QLED/HDR efforts at retail
  • HDR/WCG efforts in cinema
  • HDR/WCG efforts in metrology and calibration

Additional industry experts will discuss:

Quantum Dot Technology and Architectures

  • Quantum Dot materials and manufacturing
  • QD on LED
  • QD in color filters
  • Quantum Rods
  • QD materials forecasts and trend analysis

HDR10/10+ Update

  • Why HDR10 and HDR10+?
  • How is HDR10+ content graded, mastered and delivered?
  • Studio adoption of HDR10+
  • HDR10/10+ in ATSC 3.0, broadcast and Blu-ray
  • Product plans and roadmaps

Metrology and Calibration

  • Status of HDR and wide color gamut/volume metrology
  • Status of HDR/WCG calibration
  • Related standards development activities
  • Industry issues and challenges

QLED/HDR Monitor Overview

  • Consumer and professional products
  • Comparisons of wide color gamut options
  • Comparisons of HDR adoption
  • Standards development activities
  • Monitor challenges and issues
  • QLED Monitor forecasts and trend analysis

Cinema Market Update

  • Can LED screens compete with projection in Cinema?
  • Are new HDR/WCG standards needed in theatrical?
  • How can theatrical remain relevant?
  • Industry issues and challenges

QLED/HDR TV Overview

  • QLED TV forecasts and trend analysis
  • QLED TV products, features and roadmaps
  • TV forecasts
  • Picture performance trends
  • HDR trends
  • WCG trends

Submit to:  Insight Media, Chris Chinnock, (203) 831-8464, Chris@insightmedia.info.  Speaking positions at the event include full access to the entire 2-day event including food and beverage.