Speaking – DS16

Giving a presentation or participating in a panel discussion at Display Summit is a great way to expose a sophisticated audience to your technology or products – but a great way to show your leadership in the category as well.  Abstracts for presentations, demonstrations and panels sessions are being accepted now, so submit early.

Potential topics for Display Summit 2016 include:

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) – opportunities, adoption, standards, metadata, technology to implement, metrology, etc.
  • Wide Color Gamut (WCG) – Color remapping, color accuracy, color volumes standardization, metrology, etc.
  • LED, laser and laser phosphor technology and devices – device development, engine/subsystem integration, adoption, differentiation, ROI, etc.
  • 8K displays and pixel pipeline – Display devices, connectivity solutions, content generation and processing, market adoption, etc.
  • Digital Cinema technology – HDR, RGB/Laser Phosphor adoption and ROI, alternative formats, Immersive audio, metrology, screens, etc.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality devices and solutions – VR/AR headsets, AV/AR projection  solution, GPU/CPU trends, adoption segments, etc.
  • 180/360-degree cameras – cameras, stitching software, encoding, professional applications in teleconference, security, etc.
  • Home Theater technology – HDR, RGB/Laser Phosphor adoption, Immersive audio, metrology, short throw-screen solutions, etc.
  • Simulation technology – Pixel pipeline evolution, aspect ratio considerations, wide color gamut adoption, laser phosphor adoption, color accuracy and blending, faster update rates, 3D
  • Connectivity solutions – point to point like HDMI, DisplayPort, USE, MHL/SuperMHL, HDBaseT; wireless video solutions
  • Distribution solutions – video over IP, switching solutions for HDMI, HDBaseT, etc, KVM solutions
  • Resolution metrology –  e-shift vs. non e-shift projectors; RGB vs. non-RGB with subpixel rendering flat panels; latest ICDM methods
  • Contrast metrology – measure black, peak luminance and contrast; latest ICDM methods
  • Transparent, flexible, curved and thin bezel displays – technology and adoption trends in transparent OLEDs and LCDs, curved or flexible displays and thin bezels
  • Advanced screen technology – light rejecting screens, LED moire reducing screens, coupled solutions, application specific screens, etc.
  • microLEDs and LED video walls – trends in LED architectures, driving, color balance, pixel pitches, color accuracy and low lumen black level control

Submit to:  Insight Media, Chris Chinnock, (203) 831-8464, Chris@insightmedia.info.  Speaking positions at the Display Summit carries a $500 fee, which includes full access to the entire 2-day event including food and beverages.