Agenda – DS16

Display Summit USA will feature a symposium part as well as exhibitions.

Agenda as of May 11, 2016

Day Start Session Company Speaker Talk Title
Monday, June 6 8:30: AM Welcome Insight Media Chris Chinnock  Welcome
8:45: AM Wide Color Gamut and High Dynamic Range Dell Stefan Peana Adobe compliant Display Design for Implementation in Portable Products
9:10: AM Nanosys Dr. ZhongSheng Luo What’s next for Quantum Dots? Delivering the Ultimate Visual Experience to the Mainstream
9:35: AM AV Top Florian Friedrich HDR 10 ecosystem
10:00: AM JVC Professional Products Rod Sterling HDR Projection Utilization in an AV World
10:25: AM Coffee/Tea
10:45: AM Laser/LED Projection Compound Photonics Tim Anderson A Brief Introduction to Compound Photonics
11:10: AM Lang AG Markus Ries The renaissance of 3LCD projection systems in the large venue market
11:35: AM Power Technology Walter Burgess Distributed RGB Laser Illumination for multiple projectors
12:00 PM Regulatory LIPA Bill Beck LIPA Global Update for Laser Illuminated Projectors
12:15 PM JBMIA Hiroki Masuda and
Yuya Kurata
New Standard for Laser Projectors by JBMIA
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Projection Mapping Christie Jeevan Vivegananthan Projection mapping – the great opportunity
1:55 PM Digital Cinema Barco Bill Beck Laser Cinema Goes Mainstream
2:15 PM Audio Alcons Audio David Rahn  The Importance of Audio to the Experience
2:35: PM Screens Luminit Seth Coe-Sullivan Innovations in Screen Technology to Keep Pace with Projectors
3:00: PM Coffee/Tea
3:15: PM Market Intelligence Futuresource Chris McIntyre-Brown Navigating Technology and Investments Trends to Remain Competitive
3:35 PM IHS Todd Fender Public Displays: Future Growth Drivers
3:55: PM Panel Discussion – Moderator: Clive Couldwell, AV Magazine
4:15: PM Coffee/Tea
4:35: PM Metrology ICDM Joe Miseli Highlights of the Work of the ICDM
4:55: PM QD Vision Peter Kazlas Measuring Wide Color Gamut: Why Nits Are Insufficient and Why Color nits are the Answer
5:15 PM LG Display Don Gyou Lee future display technology and its metrology
5:35: PM Panel Discussion – Chris Chinnock, Moderator
5:35: PM Reception/Exhibits
Tuesday, June 7th 8:30: AM Welcome Insight Media Chris Chinnock  Welcome
8:45: AM 3D Central China Display Laboratories Chao Li Human 3D Vision and LED 3D Video Display System
9:10: AM StreamTV Walther Roelen Ultra-D brings back some of the aspects of reality that we lost in visual communication.
9:35: AM Vefxi Craig Peterson achieving handcrafted 3D pop out and depth from auto 3D conversion using application specific neural net.
10:00: AM coffee/tea
10:15: AM Connectivity Technology Consultant, Kramer Electronics USA Peter Putman Cutting The Cord: An Update On High-Bandwidth Wireless Display Connectivity
10:35: AM HDBaseT Alliance Gabi Shriki The HDBaseT Difference
10:55: AM Lattice Semiconductor Marshall Goldberg The Future of Video Connectivity: Brighter Than You Think
11:15: AM AMD / Vesa Syed Hussain DisplayPort: Future Proofing Display Connectivity for VR and 8K HDR
11:35: AM AptoVision Justin Kennington AV Over Ethernet: The Matrix Switch is Over
12:00: PM Panel Discussion, Bob Raikes – Moderator
12:20: PM Lunch
1:20: PM Visualization / Simulation – Control Rooms Mechdyne Kurt Hoffmeister VR Immersive Environment Challenges Using Current Display Technology
1:45: PM Digital Projection Phil Laney Wide Color Space and Lumen Maintenance Longevity
2:10: PM Rockwell Collins Dave Eccles The Needs of the Simulation Industry
2:35: PM Barco Lutz Nehrhoff Von Holderberg Laser Illumination Technology for 24/7 operation
3:00: PM coffee/tea
3:20: PM AUTOMOTIVE HUD’S – THE ULTIMATE AUTOMOTIVE DISPLAY Geo Semiconductor Edmund Tam Automotive HUD and Geometry Correction
3:35: PM Texas Instruments Sam Martin  Next-Generation Augmented Reality Head-Up Display Design Considerations
3:50: PM Nippon Seike Dan Cashen Augmented Reality HUD: The Challenge of Immersive AR Displays on System Architecture
4:05: PM Panel Discussion – Paul Russo, Geo Semi, Moderator