Speaking – DS15

Want to consider speaking at Display Summit? Display Summit will feature a mix of speakers offering the latest insights on new technology, markets, applications and competitive issues throughout the professional and commercial display markets. Speakers will be from leading technology developers, major branders, top system integrators, and market research firms covering the display industry. Sessions are organized to produce thought-provoking presentations with question and answer time to facilitate understanding of the key drivers that will shape the future.

speaker_3Display Summit will feature a symposium component, plus exhibits and special demos.  The preliminary sessions are shown on the AGENDA page and repeated here.

  • Better Pixels – Developments and prospects of efforts to offer solutions with high dynamic range, expanded color gamut, higher frame rates and more resolution
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality – Developments and prospects of efforts to offer solutions in VR and AR for professional use
  • The Cloud Impact – How the cloud is changing the way we access, interact and process information and videos in professional applications
  • Connectivity – Wired and wireless connectivity advances
  • Acquisition – 6K, 8K, 360-degree, 3D
  • Image Generation – 3D scanning, game engines, GPUs, CPUs advancements for computer generated content

Submit to:  Insight Media, Chris Chinnock, (203) 831-8464, Chris@insightmedia.info Speaking positions at the Display Summit carries a $500 fee, which includes full access to the entire 2-day event including food and beverages.

Display Summit (previously Projection Summit), is in its 14th year, covers emerging and cutting edge technology, products, markets and application in the professional and commercial display market.  It has become a premier event for technology, business and marketing leaders to gather and discuss the leading trends in the industry.  It is a vital source of information for companies making key strategic decisions regarding technology investment, product development, go-to-market options and competitive positioning for professional markets.