2017 Display Summit – Agenda

Agenda as of September 30, 2017

Oct. 4, 2017

Welcome Insight Media Chris Chinnock 9:00 AM 0:10
Advanced Displays FoVI 3D Thomas Burnett 9:10 AM 0:25 An Overview of the FoVI3D Light Field Display Approach
Holografika Tibor Balogh 9:35 AM 0:25 The Next Wave Towards Unrestricted 3D
Light Field Lab Jon Karafin 10:00 AM 0:25 Beyond Virtual Reality: Light Field, Holographic Display and the Roadmap to the Holodeck
Coffee 10:25 AM 0:20
Advanced Displays LightSpace 3D Ilmars Osmanis 10:45 AM 0:25 Recent Developments of LightSpace Multi-layer (volumetric) 3D Display Technology
Seereal Hagen Stolle 11:10 AM 0:25 Potential and Applications of Real-Time Holography Based on Sub-Hologram Encoding
Third Dimension Technologies Tommy Thomas 11:35 AM 0:10 Development of a Display Agnostic Standard for Streaming 3D Media
Panel Discussion 11:45 AM 0:25
Lunch & Demos 12:10PM 1:30
Component Technology In-Vision Dr. Bernhard Lutzer 1:40 PM 0:25 The Art of Lens Design for Curved Screens
rpVisuals James Fife 2:05 PM 0:25 Art of Screens
GBVi Geoff Blackham 2:30 PM 0:25 Optical Blending for Maximising Dynamic Range of Projection Displays
Luminit Seth Coe-Sullivan 2:55 PM 0:25 Manufacturing of Transparent Holographic Components
coffee 3:20 PM 0:20
Vis/Sim JVC Professional Products Rod Sterling

Presented by Jack Faiman

3:40 PM 0:25 8K Projectors: Pushing for Eye Limiting Display Systems and the Issues Involved in Creating Them
Barco Svein Arne Hansen 4:05 PM 0:25 4K vs 4KUHD vs WQ/120
Panel Discussion 4:30 PM 0:30
Move to DoubleTree Hotel 5:00 PM 0:30
Reception & Demos 5:30 PM 2:00
close 7:30 PM

Oct. 5, 2017

Welcome Insight Media Chris Chinnock 9:00 AM 0:10
LED/MicroLED Nanosys ZhongSheng Luo 9:10 AM 0:25 Color Conversion Solution for Full Color Micro-LED Displays
rpVisuals James Fife 9:35 AM 0:25 To Mount or Not to Mount
VerLASE George Powch 10:00 AM 0:25 Color in Next Generation MicroLED Microdisplays
SiliconCore Heng Liu 10:25 AM 0:25 Performance of LED Displays – Where are we Headed
Coffee 10:50 AM 0:20
LED/MicroLED Yole Eric Virey 11:10 AM 0:25 Promises and Challenges of MicroLED Displays
Nanolumens Gary Feather 11:35 AM 0:25 Large Area LED Displays; How Direct View LED Becomes a Real Threat to DLP?
Panel Discussion 12:00 PM 0:30
Lunch & Demos 12:30 PM 1:30
Virtual Reality Eon Reality Mats Johansson 1:30 PM 0:25 EON Enterprise VR Training Simulator EVT™
Sensics Yuval Boger 1:55 PM 0:25 Future-Proofing Training Systems: How Today’s Solutions Can Work with Tomorrow’s Hardware
KGOnTech Karl Guttag 2:20 PM 0:25 AR and VR Display Technologies for Wide FOV and High Angular Resolution
Radiant Vision Systems Burt Muller 2:45 PM 0:25 Replicating Human Visual Perception to Measure Immersive Display Quality
coffee 3:10 PM 0:20
Augmented Reality Rockwell Collins Lee Hendrick 3:30 PM 0:25 Integrated Digital Vision System (IDVS)
DigiLens Jonathan Waldern 3:55 PM 0:25 COTS Wearable AR HUD’s for Mobile Training Applications
Rockwell Collins Carlo Tiana 4:20 PM 0:25 Augmented Reality: Content is King
Panel Discussion 4:45 PM 0:30
Close 5:15 PM