2017 Display Summit

Projection and Body-worn Immersive Display Solutions for Simulation, Training, Visualization and Entertainment

took place

October 4-5, Rockwell Collins facility, Sterling, Virginia

Oct. 3 – Streaming Media for Field of Light Displays (SMFoLD) workshop, Sterling VA

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2017 Display Summit is organized by Insight Media and focuses on the technologies, issues and opportunities for projection-based and body-worn immersive display systems in training, simulation, visualization and entertainment applications for commercial, military and professional markets.

This means flat, curved and domed projection-based simulators, trainers, theaters and 3D visualization solutions as well as body-worn immersive solutions using virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

The event will be technical in nature with attendees and speakers coming from:

  • Professional projection, LCD and LED component suppliers
  • Professional projection and LCD and LED manufacturers
  • Training and simulation integrators and manufacturers
  • 3D visualization integrators and developers
  • Domed theater developers and suppliers
  • AR, VR and MR developers and manufacturers
  • Advanced display developers (light field, holographic, volumetric)
  • 4K+ connectivity providers
  • 4K+ hardware rendering providers
  • Government and military end users
  • Professional and commercial end users
  • Universities and technology development centers

Who should attend:

  • CTOs
  • CEOs and Sr. Executives
  • Technical sales and marketing
  • Product development
  • Metrology
  • Standards and professional associations
  • Scientists
  • Engineering heads
  • University professors
  • Government and military program managers