Perovskites for Displays: Status and Prospects

Yajie Dong
Assistant Professor, Nanoscience Technology Center, Joint Appointment in College of Optics and Photonics & Department of Materials Science & Engineering,
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida 32826, USA


Recently, metal halide perovskites have emerged as promising light emitting materials with efficiency and color performances comparable or better than state-of-the art CdSe based quantum dots. This talk will first give a brief overview of the history and current status of perovskite material research and development, with focus on their unique features, potential benefits and remaining stability challenges for display applications. I will then present a simple yet general strategy to achieve a series of highly luminescent perovskites – polymer composite films with high color purity (FWHM down to 18 nm) and unprecedented water and thermal stability. A hybrid downconverter system comprising these low-cost green perovskite-polymer composite films and state-of-the art red emitters will be proposed for liquid crystal display (LCD) backlight unit (BLU) to realize wide color gamut and high efficiency at low cost in the near future.