Opportunities in an 8k Future

Presenter: Michael Cioni, Senior Vice President of Innovation, Panavision & Light Iron

Abstract: As the arrival of an 8K world begins to emerge, Michael Cioni will discuss predictable trends as well as new opportunities for the technology and creative community.

Bio: Michael Cioni’s passion for digital cinema has helped shape the constantly changing media ecosystem over the past 15 years.  Michael was the founder of the post house Light Iron, which became a part of the Panavision family of companies.  At Panavision, he led the development of the Millennium DXL camera and its ecosystem of large-format optics and 8K workflow.  His innovations and technology theories have been adopted and integrated into countless productions around the world.  Michael has supervised hundreds of production workflows, constantly advancing camera technology, color science, and creative collaboration.  Some of his recent credits include WonderGodless, Bill Nye Saves the World, and the upcoming Happytime Murders and Can You Ever Forgive Me? – both of which were shot on DXL.