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Challenges in Measuring Large-Format Screens for Brightness and Color Calibration

Abstract: A significant challenge in the manufacture and development of large display screens—like those used in cinema, outdoor displays, event centers, retail, and other large-format applications—is to achieve uniform luminance and color at a size and scale where variation is

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It’s time to evaluate adding primary color channels to cameras and displays

Abstract:  Various RGB color systems have served the marketplace well for more than 50 years. However, RGB is really the minimum number of primaries for a high quality color display, not the optimal choice. While the number of spatial pixels has

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Next Generation Digital Cinema distribution, more versions?

Abstract: Introducing new technologies in the cinema means more time for the mastering at a time when there is no time, more QC and more versions to carry over to the theater screen.  Is it possible to emulate the feeling of a

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LED Displays Blind best DLP Cinema

Abstract:  DLP projection owns the Digital Cinema with over 160K systems installed.  However, the future is changing and LED Displays will provide to the entertainment viewers, the greatest image experience ever seen.  What changes?  Expect minimum of 4K resolution everywhere. 

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Volumetric Displays for Sand Table and HMD Applications: An Update from LightSpace Technologies

Abstract:  For the last 4 years LightsSpace Technologies has been developing solid state time multiplex multiplane volumetric 3D image displays. Additionally to existing x-series front view display line, the company has announced two new product types: s-series (AR Sandbox) bench

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Beyond Lumigraph – Parametric Light Fields for Capture and Display of real-world content

Abstract: Light fields mean different things to different groups, ranging from refocusable pictures to polygons to reflectance fields. The choice of representation affects how light fields are captured or constructed, how easily they can be compressed for transmission and delivery,

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JPEG Pleno: A Standard Framework for Representing Plenoptic Modalities

Abstract: JPEG Pleno is a new standardization initiative that intends to define an efficient framework addressing interoperability issues among the plenoptic modalities of light fields, point clouds and holography. JPEG Pleno will address interoperability of devices and applications in each specific

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