New Mastering and Delivery Options for HDR10+ and Other HDR Formats

Bill Feightner


The presentation will cover these topics:

  • Introduction to the Colorfront Tool Set
  • Scope of what Colorfront touches in the production chain
    • On-Set
    • Near-Set
    • Look Dev
    • Deliveries
  • Mastering for HDR and SDR:
    • Colorgrading: Single Master Approach
    • Simutaneous Publishing to different HDR and SDR deliverables from a common master
      • HDR 10
      • HDR 10+
      • Dolby
      • HLG
      • BT.709
      • Digital Cinema
  • Different HDR deliverables including IMF, HEVC, Prores
  • Colorfront’s specific support for HDR10+ deliveries