Mass transfer technology – a key for LED cinemas commercialization

Presenter: Boris Kobrin, Sr. Associate Analyst, N-Tech Research

Abstract: Micro-LED based displays could provide the image quality and application flexibilities unmatched by other competitive technologies. One of the most attractive applications of this technology is direct-view micro-LED digital cinemas. Commercialization success depends strongly on feasibility of the key process – mass transfer of micro-LED dies from donor/growth substrates to display substrate.  We will review variety of mass transfer technologies under development, give unbiased assessment of their advantages and challenges, and potential for commercialization. Finally we give our forecast on micro-LED digital cinema market for next 10 years.

Bio:  Boris Kobrin is an Associate Analyst at n-Tech Research and an experienced high-tech industry executive with 30+ years of leadership in semiconductors, optics and nanotechnology.  He is also a serial entrepreneur with a track record of new technologies developed in a series of startups in US, Canada and Israel.  Boris is a distinguished inventor with more than 150 Worldwide patents and 50 published papers, presentations, reviews and book chapters.

He has got his Ph.D. in Physics from Academy of Sciences, Russia.