Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Panasonic’s Vision for Lampless Technology

Karl DeManss, Product Manager Panasonic

Karl DeManss 135x190


As Product Manager for Projectors for Panasonic Solutions Company of North America (PSCNA), Karl DeManss is responsible for Product Development, Market Positioning and Sales of Panasonic’s 3 Chip DLP, 1 Chip DLP and 3 LCD lines of projectors.

Karl joined Panasonic in 2006 helping expand and innovate Panasonic’s role in the professional display technology market through innovative products and technologies such as “The 103” Plasma Display, Digital Signage LCD Solutions and most recently Laser Projection Technology

Back ground includes 25+ years in the electronics industry, having worked for Motorola, Sharp, Samsung and Panasonic with additional roles with industry standards organizations including VESA, CEA and Secure Digital Music Initiative (SMDI).


With lampless projector technology continuing to grow in popularity, how has the market reacted, and what have we learned as manufacturers and engineers? Where are these projectors best suited, and what have we heard from customers? Moreover, how is this experience driving Panasonic’s vision for lampless technology in the future?