Laser for Cinema? Barco is ALL IN! Integrated 60kLm 6P Laser Projector

Bill Beck (Barco)

Bill Beck 139x100


Bill is a photonics visionary with diverse start-up, general management and technology marketing experience.  He has been central to the development and application of laser illumination systems for Digital Cinema and other performance projection markets.  Bill Beck is working for Barco as “The laser Guy” to further introduce laser projection in the Cinema and other Barco markets.

Bill co-founded the Laser Illuminated Projection Associations (LIPA) where he served as past chairman. He has written and presented on the subjects of lasers, laser projection and fiberoptics.

Before joining Barco, he was a private consultant in the laser projection space and founding CEO of Laser Light Engines, a pioneer in the early development of laser illumination.

Bill holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institure and is a member of SMPTE, LIPA, ISDCF, EDCF and NEFC


DP4K-60L is the world’s first cinema-optimized, commercial, high brightness laser projector. It integrates a 4K image, efficient internal laser light source, single projector 6P “Barco Laser 3D” and “Alchemy”, Barco’s versatile high-frame-rate cinema media processor (ICMP).

The 60,000 lumen, integrated DP4K-60L cinema projector is designed specifically for Premium Large Format (PLF) Cinema. The Alchemy ICMP can play DCPs and alternative content up to 60fps 4K in 2D and full 4K in 3D.  The single projector-direct coupled architecture provides the best design for safety and reliability, outstanding image quality, low power consumption, flexible 2D and 3D operation and low maintenance.  The DP4K-60L provides the maximum reliable single projector brightness and lowest speckle at the longest laser lifetime.  The switchable 6 primary Barco Laser3D system is optimized for “color 3D” but can also support 3D systems based on polarization or active glasses. A short presentation will highlight technical details and commercial progress.