Hyper-realism Image Quality in Full Ultra High-Definition 8K

We conducted a subjective image quality evaluation to compare the image quality between 4K and 8K by using diverse image stimuli. As a result, we identified perceptual and cognitive characteristics that can be demonstrated in image quality above 8K. The research findings suggested that both perceptual and cognitive factors are reinforced in 8K. This tendency was even more reinforced when the main object was placed within the image. When compared with 4K, the image quality above 8K was accompanied by “Mach band effect”, which in turn improved the understanding of the main object. These results suggest that cognitive evaluations for a comprehensive understanding of images may be strengthened at a very high resolution of 8K or higher beyond the ‘presence’ of 4K resolution.

YungKyung Park, Professor, Ewha Womans University

YungKyung Park, Ph.D. has been Professor at Ewha Womans University since 2012 with researching in color science field. Prior to joining Ewha Womans University, Park was senior engineer for Samsung Electronics (LCD division). During her 2 years at Samsung electronics, Park spent time doing research on Image quality and color appearance. Park received a Ph.D. in color science field from Leeds University, UK and a master degree in color imaging science from the Derby University, UK. Park received her BA and Master Degree in physics from Ewha Womans University, Korea.