HOLOSOUND-Bring Immersive Experience to your Life

To enjoy immersive experience, immersive audio is a must component beside immersive video component, and HOLOSOUND is such type of immersive audio technology. It is based on CBS (Channel-based sound), OBS (object-based sound) and SBS (scene-based sound). OBS is used for trajectory of moving object and SBS is for environment sound.

What HOLOSOUND means is extreme immersive experience, immersive audio technology, immersive audio products and immersive audio format, and immersive audio standard.

It can be applied to digital cinema, professional market, home market, and personal consumer market, etc. For cinema, the max output channels number can be 256, which is 4-16 times of other immersive audio technology.We owned patented position keep technology for spatial audio. And we also launch world first immersive DAB application for drive-in cinema, out-door cinema, etc.

Darren Ma, CEO, Leonis Cinema