HDR in Cinema – Challenges and opportunities with LED

Abstract: There was a time when the presentation quality in the cinema was considered far superior to what was available in the home.  The playing field has changed dramatically over the years with high definition television and video offerings and more recently with high dynamic range or “HDR” content and numerous display options capable of playing same.

At Cinionic, we are continually looking at the best way to bring new and innovative technologies to the cinema industry with our trusted partner Barco.  As the current market leader in cinema visualization, Barco is leveraging their many years of experience in developing and manufacturing high quality image solutions for cinema and investigating how to bring HDR products to the industry that meet or exceed the needs of both the creative and exhibition communities.  LED is, like Lightsteering, one of the possible technologies to achieve this.

Next to the opportunities for LED in HDR, we will provide our view on the challenges to be addressed and the quality level to be met, before a viable cinema LED product should be released to market, both from a technical and business perspective.

Speaker: Dan Huerta, VP Studio Relations/Technology, Cinionic

Bio: A 39-year cinema industry veteran, Dan is currently charged with assisting in the launch of new cinema projection and audio products which meet the needs of theatre owners in the areas of technology, operational efficiency and cost of ownership.

In addition, he interfaces with the technology community in Hollywood to ensure the latest technology trends and related products are appropriately developed in an efficient, collaborative fashion.

Dan previously held executive positions in the cinema exhibition space, with responsibilities including research and development, system design, procurement, deployment and support of projection, audio and digital signage solutions.

Dan majored in electrical engineering at the University of Southern Colorado.